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United States

The INTERNATIONAL TRADE ALLIANCE ensures compliance with FSVP rules regarding:

  • FSVP agents for all human & animal food products covered by the FDA
  • DUNS number requests for foreign facilities
  • Dedicated staff of FSVP Agents & experts
  • Qualified individual team services with partner ITA Corp: a food safety advisory firm specialized in global compliance support for the Food Safety Modernization Act

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) was created on November 27th 2015. The primary objective of the program is to give food importers the added responsibility of ensuring the food they import to the United States is safe. Food from foreign suppliers must meet the same level of food safety standards as food made in the USA.

Under FDA’s FSVP rule, food importers (or their agents) must have an adequate FSVP plan put in place that ensures their foreign food suppliers are meeting the same FDA food safety standards required of domestic food manufacturers. This plan is put in place by their qualified team who have the education, experience, and training necessary to carry out all FSVP requirements.

Importers must identify an FSVP importer who will be the entity or person the FDA will hold legally and financially responsible for complying with FSVP rules.

FSVP Agent

For the purposes of FSVP, an importer is the U.S. owner or consignee of food items imported to the United States. If there is no U.S. owner or consignee for the articles of food at the time of U.S. entry, the importer becomes the U.S. agent or representative for the foreign owner or consignee at the time of entry. This will be confirmed in a signed statement of consent to serve as the importer under 21 CFR 1.500.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE ALLIANCE may serve as your FSVP agent or representative depending on the type of product(s) and associated levels of risks. This will be confirmed in a signed statement of consent by dedicated FSVP agents and experts.

To learn more about how our FSVP services apply to your business, please submit the following contact form.

FSVP Program developed with QIs team

US Agent and FDA Registration

International Trade Alliance is able to cover the role as a US agent, support clients through the FDA food facility registration process, assist with “FDA petitions,” FDA import alerts, and request USDA-FSIS “ import permits” for animal food products. Starting from October 20th 2020, the International Trade Alliance began helping foreign clients obtain their DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) numbers and Unique Facility Identifier (UFI) for their facilities.